Our Data Science

Quaternion’s Data Science is used by authorized market operators on both the day-ahead market (MGP/MGAS) and on the Intraday markets (MI) to purchase and sell power & gas. The algorithms analyse the commodity in order to provide predictions which can be used to trade the asset.
Our algorithms are used to forecast electricity market, gas and commodity prices. The main goal is to help predicting the electricity market and gas consumption units, also forecasting the electricity production from non-programmable renewable source like photovoltaic systems and wind power.
They also optimize the production of electricity from programmable renewable energy systems such as Combined Cycle Gas Turbin (CCGT).

Power Trading

The service consists of the daily indication of the transactions to be performed on the spot electrical markets, in order to maximize the return of the investments made by trading the price difference between day-ahead electricity price and imbalance price.
Imbalance prices is usually bigger than day-ahead prices is there is a deficit of energy in real time respect to the forecasted production and consumption.

Imbalance prices are smaller than day-ahead prices in case of excess of energy in the real time.
Regarding a consumption unit we advice to buy more energy respect forecasted one if we predict a deficit of energy in real time in the market zone or to sell a part of forecasted consumption in the opposite case.

Reduction of
Procurement Costs

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to forecast possible changes in the production and related future fluctuations in the price of energy. This is helpful for companies to better assess their imbalance exposure, thus improving their risk management. The technology helps firms who need to supply energy when deciding their procurement strategy.
Quaternion’s Data Science is used to make predictions with regards to energy consumption demands by the market. This information is particularly useful to those firms who need to plan on production and acquisition of energy based on possible changes in demand.

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